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Launch Experience

A good college visit is like a movie preview: a brief hint of the experience you will have as a Georgetown College student.

You will experience the close ties with strong Christian faculty and staff that will make your education transformational, the personalized care that will make your education delightful, and the passion to change the world that will make your education meaningful.

There are many different ways to experience Georgetown College, but one is imperative: visit! You cannot know if a college is right for you until you walk its sidewalks, eat in its cafeteria, and talk to its current students! Take advantage of one or all of the following opportunities.

Individual Visit


Along with limited daily visits, we also offer guided virtual tours. Click on the link for the option that best suits you, and come have an admission counselor literally or virtually walk you around our campus and tell you about GC!

Visit during the week! If you are a current sophomore, junior, or senior high school student or transfer and are interested in experiencing Georgetown's campus in an interactive way, a daily tour is a great choice for you. Each visit includes a meeting with an Admission Counselor as well as a campus tour. Your tour will be filled with personal stories and insight from a current student guide. 

Some daily visits offer unique opportunities, such as the chance to attend a class or sit down one-on-one with a faculty member in your chosen area of study. Please be sure that you choose a tour time that will allow you to take advantage of these opportunities if you are interested. 

We are excited to have you on campus!

GC Preview Days


Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we are not currently offering Preview Days in person on our campus, but we are going to be offering some awesome Facebook Live Preview Days soon! 

GC Preview Days are specially designed group visit days. You will experience the Orange and Black Fair, where you can meet our faculty and explore possible future majors, and sit in on a college class with other current GC students while your parents and/or guests sit in a financial planning session. At the end of the day there will be a complimentary lunch in the cafeteria and walking tours of campus, including the residence halls.

High School & Group Visits


Unfortunately, we are not able to offer group visits in person for now due to the pandemic. However, we have created some dynamic guided virtual tours and hybrid group visit events that will allow students to interact with faculty and staff and see the campus! If you are part of an organization or high school that would like to schedule a virtual group visit, please click "Schedule this Visit" and let us know how we can get something set up for you!

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