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GC Offers a Wide Variety of Summer Courses

Submitted on April 21, 2020

Georgetown College gives its students a host of fascinating course options throughout the academic year to enrich their mind and prepare them for graduate school and a successful career after college. This is no different when it comes to summer courses offered by GC this year.

Georgetown College offers three terms during the summer: May Term (May 11 – May 22), Summer 1 Term (May 25 – June 29), and Summer 2 Term (July 1 – August 5). This time serves as an opportunity for students to get ahead and to take important courses in a more focused environment, with most students usually taking only one course during this time.

Dr. Todd Hamilton, who will teach General Chemistry this summer said, “The summer is an excellent time for students to take General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry, in order to free up time in later schedules and to move their development along significantly. Summer is also a good time to focus on one subject in a way that might not be possible during the regular semesters.”

To make this summer as beneficial for students as possible, the college offers many 100 level courses, along with several interesting 300 and 400 level courses, such as Film Music: From Psycho to Star Wars, and More!, Education for Social Change, and Organic Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry has long been a popular course due to the benefit of taking the course without other courses on a student’s schedule. This dedicated focus helps those students who plan on attending graduate school or starting careers as chemists, chemical engineers, and healthcare professionals get even more out of the course.

This summer, Dr. Innocent Demshemino is teaching the course. “Organic Chemistry is one of the chemistry courses designed to give students a well-rounded education in chemistry,” he said. “It provides a foundation into understanding, natural products, pharmaceuticals and biological processes.”

The summer also presents a chance for students not attending Georgetown College to get a glimpse of what GC has to offer. “Georgetown College specializes in small classes and personalized education specific to each student's needs,” said Dr. Hamilton. “We care about each student's career path and individual scientific interests. We also have the opportunity to offer specialty courses such as Forensic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Culinary Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Medicinal Chemistry, and Biochemical Research.  The Chemistry Program at Georgetown College is certified by the American Chemistry Society and we have recently developed a Chemistry Track specifically for Health Professional Students.”

This personalization and individual focus extends beyond Chemistry to all departments across GC’s campus. This summer, you can get further ahead in your track and get that personal attention in your discipline.

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