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Georgetown College Welcomes Largest Incoming Class on Record

Submitted on September 7, 2021

Georgetown College has welcomed its largest incoming class of students on record, surpassing last fall’s record-breaking class. This fall, 530 new students, 481 of whom are first-year students, will begin their studies at the College.

“It is a very exciting to welcome another record-breaking incoming class to Georgetown College!” exclaimed President Will Jones. “They are beginning their journey of a championship-level education of the mind and heart that will be transformational for them. I can’t wait to see all these students will accomplish and celebrate at Georgetown.”

This year’s class continues to build on an upward enrollment trend. In 2019, the College welcomed an incoming class of approximately 350 students. The next fall Georgetown College exceeded those numbers with an incoming class of 460 students, its largest incoming class on record at that time. This fall the College has again experienced enrollment gains by welcoming 530 students, a 15% improvement on last fall’s record-breaking class.

The incoming group of students also builds on the diversity of previous year’s classes by featuring the most international students the College has ever had in one class.

“It is wonderful to be here and experience the excitement of a full campus!” said Vice President of Enrollment Management Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise. “So many students are choosing GC because they know that this is the place where they can receive a truly exceptional education in a vibrant Christian community, and they want that challenge and that support.”



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