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An Unprecedented Blessing

Submitted on March 6, 2020

The recent gifts made to Georgetown College are unprecedented in the recent history of the college. Two weeks ago, the James A. and Martha R. Brown Charitable Foundation, Inc. made a gift of $1 million for renovations to the East Campus Conference Center and scholarships for three Kentucky counties: Robertson, Harrison, and Nicholas. Then, last week it was announced that a gift of $1 million by an anonymous donor would be used to establish an Endowed Baptist Professorship.

In the course of its history, the college has been blessed by many gifts which have made an incredible impact in the lives of students, faculty, staff, coaches, alumni, and friends of the college. Many of those gifts still resonate today. In 1841, President Howard Malcom raised $30,000 to finish Recitation Hall (now Giddings Hall). Today, Giddings Hall stands as the most recognizable building on campus.

In 1958, Dr. Herbert Anderson made a gift that helped finish what is now named Anderson Hall, which houses freshman men on campus today. In 1963, a gift of $650,000 by Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cralle became the largest donation in the history of the school up until that point and led to what is now the Cralle Student Center.

This history of crucial gifts made to the college continued with the two gifts of $1 million each over the last few weeks. But, in its recent history, the college has not seen two gifts in excess of $1 million made in the same year. These unprecedented gifts will truly help the college continue in its endeavors to provide a championship-level education of the heart and mind.

“We’re so excited about the support of these generous donors, so grateful that they would invest in the lives of our students,” said Georgetown College president, Will Jones. Indeed, these gifts will improve the lives of current students, as well as present new opportunities for future students. By improving campus, providing new scholarship opportunities, and offering new academic coursework, these gifts have been an enormous and unprecedented blessing to Georgetown College.

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