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Faith Cracraft

A Welcome Return for New Director of Graves Center for Calling and Career

Submitted on June 8, 2021

Faith Cracraft is no stranger to Georgetown College. Originally hired by the College as an Area Coordinator for Knight Hall in 2005, she would eventually become Assistant Director of Academic Success, where she worked until 2013. Now, she’s thrilled to be back on campus as Director of the Graves Center for Calling and Career.

“In some ways it feels like I never left,” said Cracraft. “Walking around campus and being able to see some of the same faces and reconnect has been amazing. Realizing I thrive in an environment like the one at Georgetown was a real lightbulb moment for me, so it’s been amazing to be back here.”

Cracraft understands the value of an education like the one at Georgetown College. She achieved her bachelor’s and master’s degree from a smaller school in Tennessee before her work began at Georgetown. “It was a very similar school to Georgetown and really inspired a love of higher education and, in particular, working with students at a smaller school, where you can really build those relationships.”

After her initial work in Academic Success at the College, she worked in a similar role at the University of Kentucky. Throughout her career, she has loved working directly with students and helping them succeed, which she plans to continue at GC.

“I’m here to listen to students and to understand their needs,” said Cracraft. “Serving students also means building relationships and working with all the stakeholders in a student’s success. That includes parents, faculty, staff, and alumni.”

The Graves Center for Calling and Career has been a key factor in the College’s recent success in getting students into their first job or into graduate school within six months of graduation, with Georgetown being ranked as the best college or university in Kentucky three years in a row in this area. Cracraft looks to continue this success.

“I’ve worked and attended three institutions, and there’s just something special about Georgetown,” said Cracraft. “The College is so focused on those relationships, between students and faculty and staff, between alumni, and those relationships are key to student success. I’m also a very relational person, so I’ll work to build those relationships that help students succeed.”


About the Graves Center for Calling and Career

The Graves Center for Calling & Career assists students and alumni in planning and preparing for their careers. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including individual career advising, group programs and on-line resources. We assist students in understanding their skills, interests, and values while connecting this knowledge with various career options, career exploration, and on-campus recruiting.



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